Thanks to:
• Laura Cooper, whose sailing voyage to Hawaii and offhand mention of Babas planted the seed many years ago.
• Rich Cassano, for his endless patience, knowledge, encouragement, and advice in my quest for a Baba.
• Tim Ellis, the supervisor at Ta Shing when Babas were built, for his patience with my sometimes dumb questions.
• Steven Hodge, for his in-depth guided tours of Alcyon.
Mike Phillips, Baba 30 owner and yacht broker, for his very generous advice in negotiating a boat sale.
• Jim and Gene at Windworks, for instruction and encouragement.
• Jim and Dick at Eastland Yachts, Essex Boat Works, and Buddy Hitchcock, surveyor, in Essex, CT.
• Bret and crew at The Signature Group, for work far beyond the call of duty with me on my re-fi — they're awesome!
• DeAnna Raihl and Jennifer Patterson at Peoples Bank Marine Loan Center.
• Jillian Thomson at Anchor Marine Insurance.
• Jay, Max, Sarah, and everyone else who shared their enthusiasm with my boat fantasy.
• The crew at Seaview West.

• Dad, for starting me sailing.